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Frequently Asked Questions

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Students; when they want to meet their psychological counselor, they go to the Guidance Office during breaks and tells that he / she wants to talk. The student’s Psychological Counselor makes the meeting with the student by adjusting the appropriate environment and time. The older age group can also request an appointment from their counselor via e-mail.

Parents; If they want to reach their children’s Psychological Counselor, they can contact them via e-mail (ad.soyad@hisarschool.k12.tr) and request an appointment. Preschool and Primary School parents can also make an appointment using the HisarNet system.

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The Counseling Department provides support to our students, teachers and parents in different areas. Our primary goal is to support students’ cognitive, socio – emotional and behavioral development. In line with this goal, the counseling department organizes individual, educational and professional studies that will support the development of students.

Counseling Service for Students: Individual and group work are conducted for orientation process, self-awareness and expressing needs in appropriate ways, problem solving skills, peer relations, communication skills as well as to develop a positive attitude towards learning environments and learning; learning skills and cognitive skills to transfer what they have learned.

Activities of the Counseling Service for Teachers: The counseling service conducts studies that support teachers’ professional skills and strengthen their relations with students. They work together on classroom dynamics, efficient learning and the organization of the educational environment.

Activities of the Counseling Service for Parents: The counseling service conducts interviews, information sharing and referrals in line with the need to support parenting skills. Information sharing is provided through meetings with parents, parent schools, seminars and bulletins.

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The Counseling Department applies screening studies to analyze students’ academic needs at the beginning of the year. Additionally, students with special learning needs are identified by collaboration and observations of our homeroom and special education teachers. Individual and class activities are prepared by counseling service and special education teachers create an action plan for academic needs. Also, the counseling department supports homeroom teachers in designing differentiation activities and assessment process.

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Preschool and Primary School start on the first day of school as a half day. At the Preschool level, supportive studies are carried out in the classroom environment so that students can easily adapt to the classroom and school. The adjustment process and individual differences of each child are taken into consideration.

In Primary and Middle Schools, newly registered students are introduced to the routines and physical environment of the school. A mentor student from his / her class is assigned through orientation process. Mentor student is responsible for helping new students follow daily routines and getting used to new friends and environment. Until the end of the first quarter, academic and socio-emotional processes are followed up by individual interviews with the students. In interviews with teachers and parents, students’ progress are shared. Group works are formed by their developmental needs.

In the Middle School, counseling service plans group works and the students receive feedback from the first week on.

Class visits are made to senior students who are newly prepared to High School and volunteer to 9th grade students. On the first day, recognition and warm-up activities are applied together with the class guidance teachers.

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Student recognition is the basis of our Psychological Counseling and Guidance processes. Students are followed socio-emotionally and cognitively through various studies conducted in different areas, from the day they apply to the school to the day they graduate. Intensive observations in preschool and primary school are supported by teacher interviews, parent interviews, projective children’s drawings and problem-scanning activities. Autobiography, school perception and sociometry studies are performed with the help of literacy skills. In the older age groups covering middle and high school years, information obtained from one-to-one interviews with students is enriched and elaborated with sentence completion tests, cognitive assessment studies, character inventories, interest-ability and occupational surveys. Large and small group observations, parent-teacher interviews and, if any, out-of-school specialist communication continue with great care at all ages.

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Hisar School has one guidance counselor responsible for two grades in Preschool. Each guidance counselor at Primary School, Middle School and High School levels works with the same student until he or she graduates from the school concerned. As the student passes from Preschool to Primary School, from Primary to Middle School, from Middle School to High School, his or her knowledge is transferred to the next guidance counselor.

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The support room includes educational practices through integration in Primary school. It consists of educational materials for students with special education needs who can continue their education process together with their peers.

Based on educational performance of the students, special education teachers make one-to-one training or group training (max. 3-4 students at the same time).

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Considering the cognitive and socio-emotional needs of our students, a roadmap is determined in line with our students’ needs. In-class and out-of-class studies and support activities are planned. Collaboration meetings are held with the family in order to obtain expert support in academic and socio-emotional development areas when necessary.

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The Counseling Department, by consent of their parents, collaborates with professionals who support students. School counselors share their observations about students’ progress. Besides, school counselors plan and implement necessary activities based on professionals’ recommendations. 

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The special needs of the students are based on individual differences. For the students who are candidates of inclusive education, a document, which includes the observations of the guidance counsellor, homeroom and branch teachers is prepared. This document is delivered to the parents of the student. Parents arrange an appointment for individual observation and assessment at the Guidance and Research Center which is responsible from our district. An official individualized education program document about the student, arrives to our school from the Ministry of Education district office to fulfill the process.