An impressive transformative journey from curious children to responsible individuals

Hisar School, with its leading academic staff, have been raising researchers, questioning, self-confident, moral and highly aware individuals for 25 years.

With 879 graduates and 1486 students, Hisar community think and work to serve our country, the world and humanity.

Information Strategies Center

As Information Strategies Center, we continue our efforts to ensure that information and communication technologies are included as a natural part of the education process.

Writing Center

In Writing Center, there is a friendly and comfortable environment where visitors are interested in their author identities and talked about writing. Educators aim to help develop ideas and express them in the most clear and effective way possible.


Innovation Center

Innovation Center is designed as an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary platform to teach and learn with STEAM-oriented programs that support interaction with the technology community and the effort to achieve excellence in K-12 education.

University Counseling and Career Center

In our Career Center in accordance with the mission and vision definition of Hisar School, our primary goal is to guide and support our students in course selection, career orientation, university preparation-application and selection processes.

Cultural Center

Our Cultural Center, with its fully equipped professional concert, theater and exhibition halls, creates a cultural bridge between the students, parents, administrative and academic staff of Hisar School, the surrounding schools and the residents.

Sport Center

Sports Center, with its equipment and infrastructure that enables sports in many different branches, supports our students in gaining active living habits that they can maintain throughout their lives.



Total number of students


Academic Staff


Student / Teacher Ratio 

975 +

Hisar Alumni

3170 +

Overseas University Acceptances

260 +

Turkish University Matriculations

130 +

Student Clubs

25 +

Sport Teams

40 +

Community Service Projects