Primary School Clubs

1st Grade Student Clubs

Our 1st Graders at Primary School participate in eight different club activities in cycles for four weeks. Thanks to this system, they get the opportunity to experience different fields. At the end of the first grade, they select 2nd Grade clubs online.

1st Grade Clubs
Arts & Crafts Learning Through Experimenting Sport Olympics
Marbling English Board Games Chess

2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade Student Clubs

In June, our students are asked to elect clubs online to take part in them in the following year. Before the selection, a presentation is delivered for all clubs in classes, and the club presentations are shared with parents and students online. Once the school semester starts, clubs launch activities following the orientation week.

2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade Clubs 
Aikido  Soccer Color Painting Techniques 
Mind Games  Guitar Sahneye İlk Adım - Drama 
Athletism  Violin  Chess 
Badminton Kickbox Science & Jr Engineers 
Basketball Choir Ceramics
Gymnastics Modern Dance Spormix 
Code with Lego  Modern Folk Dance  Jewelry Design
Creating Arts Origami Volleyball
Marbling Percussion Creative Drama 
Fun Science Perma-Culture  Food Arts 
English Drama  Programming for Kids  Yoga & Mindfulness