Middle School Clubs

Our club program for Middle School is created based on the hobbies and various fields of interests, alongside academic clubs. Clubs are planned either for one semester or the entire year.

In June, our middle school students are asked to elect clubs online to take part in them in the following year. Students who prefer four clubs upon seeing the club presentations are placed in the clubs of their choice according to the order of application and club quotas. Unlike Primary School, our Middle School clubs include those clubs that accept students through selection or examination (e.g. JMUN or School Musical). Our Middle School clubs launch activities in the second week of the new academic year.

Middle School Clubs
Aikido  Handball Roleplaying Games 
Mind Games  Hisar Makers  Chess  
Mentoring  Hisar Stem: Science Sparks  Ceramics 
Arts & Crafts  Advanced Math Audio Description
Badminton  Jazz Dance  Poetry and Drama
Gymnastics  Joy Magazine  Spormix
CS Programming & Robotics  Kick-Box  Technovation Club 
Destination Imagination Fairy-Tale Theatre Technologic Treasure Hunt  
Marbling  Modern Folk Dance  The World Scholar's Cup
English Film Club  Orchestra  Volleyball
Floorball  Oryantiring  Yoga 
Futsal Club Color Painting Techniques  Cooperating with Animal Shelters 
Roleplaying Games