High School Clubs

As with the Middle School, our club program for High School is also created based on the hobbies and various fields of interests, alongside academic clubs. Most of the clubs function annually, while there are one-semester clubs, as well.

In High School, clubs started by students are encouraged, in addition to the clubs conducted by a qualified instructor or a teacher. It is important to us that the students gather around a shared goal to develop a project, and do so during the club hours. Such club efforts undertaken together with a mentor teacher can pave the way for new horizons for students, especially in the university period. Students wishing to start a club must apply to the Club Coordination with a detailed annual plan before the end of April.

In June, our High School students are asked to elect clubs online to take part in them in the following year. Students who prefer three clubs upon seeing the club presentations are placed in the clubs of their choice according to the order of application or club quotas. Our High School clubs launch activities in the first week when the school opens.

High School Clubs 
American Sign Language  Futsal  Chess 
Badminton  Entrepreneurship (by CS Department) Science 
Basketball Hisar Maker Club  Cinema 
I am a Kid, I Have Rights Hisar Mechatronics  Politics and Philosophy
Cooking  Business ve Economy Club Social Innovation
CS Programming & Robotics Club  Kick-Box  Spormix 
Dance Club  Portfolio History 
Debate - World Scholar's Cup  Model United Nations  Theatre ve Psikodrama 
Tracing Philosophers Yoga and Mindfulness WWF - Environmental Activism 
Critical Drama  Orchestra Jogging
Environmental Awareness Oryantiring  Running 
European Youth Parliament