Student Clubs

The Hisar School's Club program is prepared to unleash students' potential in their fields of interest in line with the characteristics of their age group within the framework of our school's mission. Each student participates in a club program for two course hours a week (one course hour for preschool students). The clubs assist students in discovering and developing their interests, while promoting teamwork, critical thinking, an international perspective, creativity, and awareness of community services. Our students are inspired to create, present and carry out their own projects under the club.

In High School, they are encouraged to create their own club in a field of their choice. Student clubs are immensely embraced in our high school since they enable foster team building, teamwork, planning and organization skills through the management of clubs with a mentor teacher. These clubs where students develop their own projects are important for them to determine what they would like to pursue in their university life.

In February each year, we organize club evaluation and expectation surveys shared with parents and students. The existing clubs are evaluated and the expectations for the coming year's clubs are identified through these surveys. A multi-faceted planning takes place by blending the school objectives and survey results, and the next year's clubs are determined accordingly. The new semester's clubs are shared with the students and parents in May, and students are able to select them in June. Our students may not select clubs at the Preschool level or 1st Grade, whereas all students can make a selection online, starting from the 2nd Grade.



With the Preschool clubs designed for age groups, we aim to contribute to the development of our students. See more...


Primary School Clubs
With the rotational club participation system, we aim for our primary school students to gain experience in different fields. See more...


Middle School Clubs

Our clubs in Middle School are designed both for the interests of our students and with academic content. 
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High School
In addition to High School clubs focusing on hobby and academic issues, there are also clubs established by our students. See more...