Alumni Association

Hisar graduates form a strong part of Hisar School community, which grows stronger every year and expands all over the world. 979 Hisar graduates have been successful not only in their academic path, but also in social, artistic, and sports areas. They currently pursue studies at top universities in Turkey and the world, while the number of our graduates that rapidly climb their career ladder increasingly grows.

Hisar School Alumni Association; was established on June 17, 2009 with the efforts of our first graduates. The Association carries out its activities with 7 members of the Board of Directors, 4 alternate members, 5 audit members and volunteers.

Purposes of the Alumni Association:

  • Strengthening the alumni's relations with Hisar School and the outside world,
  • Enhancing and developing the communication between the graduates,
  • Adding an extra value to increase the life quality of the alumni,
  • Ensuring the development and continuation of the Hisar School culture.

Our Alumni Association and Alumni Office work in collaboration to ensure that Hisar graduates become active members of our school; monitors the database of up-to-date information of our graduates; provides our graduates with up-to-date information about our school through news bulletins, social gatherings and networking events, and brings together all Hisar graduates at the Homecoming and other alumni events organized annualy.

Alumni Association Contact Information:

Alumni Events

Their participation in the annual Return To Hisar events, chats in University Coffee Talks organized to support our current students, spontaneous visits to teachers, surprise appearances in students' concerts, and the joint music bands they start by staying connected after Hisar are among only the few of the many indicators of our alumni's bonding with our school and each other.

Our Return To Hisar events that bring all our graduates and teachers together are traditionally organized in December every year. Since 2008, we have organized Reunion events where we host our alumni that celebrate their 10th anniversary of graduation from us as honorary guests. Our reunions take place with Sunday Brunches in our campus in June. 

Although we have not been able to meet our alumni face to face with the outbreak of the pandemic since March 2020, we have managed to feel closer from a distance, meeting up in various events that we organized.  

In the 2018-2019 Academic year, unlike the previous years, we organized our Return To Hisar events in December and June, and met with our valuable graduates twice. Following the first Return To Hisar event of the year through our meeting at 18.30 on the last Thursday night on December 27, 2018, with December marking our traditional meeting date, we convened once again at 11:00 AM on June 22, 2019, Sunday for our Brunch organization.

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You can easily update your Contact Information on our Alumni Portal. Please click the following link and type the password sent by the Alumni Association. Then, you can update your password and the relevant fields where necessary. 


University Achievements of Our Graduates

Our graduates pursue studies in an extensive range of areas of specialization at the top universities in Turkey and the world. You can access the national and international university placements of our graduates here.