We follow up the information and warnings by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, Ministry of National Education and the World Health Organization on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) which rapidly spreads worldwide. 

We feel deeply sorry for the compulsory restrictions that the uncertainty caused by the global risk environment has created in our students' lives. As humanity, we are going through a difficult period. We believe that we can overcome this process with the least amount of problems through the support we give to each other and to our environment by staying cool along with the strict measures that we will take both institutionally and personally.

As Hisar School, we will continue to regularly share with you the measures we take, the operation of the planned academic and administrative activities as well as other up-to-date information on this page. For all your questions, information and suggestions about coronavirus, pandemic and the measures taken, you can send a message to, which was created to support you.

Please click for Hisar School COVID-19 Health and Safety Guideline which was updated as of February 2021 and has been regularly renewed through new developments and practices.