Life at Hisar

From Preschool to High School, every single school day at Hisar is unique, each packed with a variety of activities and events. With over 100 different choices of clubs, ranging from chess to bakery, from aikido to stop-motion, students have the opportunity to discover and delve into new interest areas. Students also partake in grade level appropriate community service projects, developing awareness about problems in their own communities as well as the world around them, devising solutions for these issues, big or small, throughout the year. After the Student Union elections, taking place in a friendly competitive nature, elected students work together with school management for realizing their campaign programs, experiencing the joy of participatory education and having their say in school life.

The year-round special weeks and days such as the Library Week, Fun Science Week and New Year’s Fair provide extracurricular learning environments as well as an element of fun. Students also take trips to exhibitions, museums and nature tours around Istanbul. Out-of-town and international trips not only reinforce learning but also help students develop independence and a sense of self-responsibility. Perhaps they build lifelong friendships with different cultures meet with international projects. In international projects such as the JMUN, Hisar students have the chance mingle with students from different cultures and develop special friendships that might last a lifetime.