Mechatronics Workshop

As a result of the expansion of the Innovation and Robotics Club, which has been active for a long time at Hisar School, and from the need for a fixed venue in long-term projects, the Mechatronics-Robotics Workshop is reshaped and reorganized every year to address existing needs and, more importantly, usage habits of those students who use the workshop.

The workshop started out with production materials that hardly covered a small table, and then was restructured for FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) in 2014. It is now available to support more comprehensive production processes with sponsorships and donations received thanks to dedicated teams’ studies on entrepreneurship and business management.

Boasting a technical infrastructure enabling more than 25 students to work concurrently, the workshop is now used not only as a study room but also as a social space.

The workshop was combined with the Experimental Preparation Laboratory in which not only robotic studies but also many scientific experimental studies can be carried out. Today, it can host numerous practices required for a physics-based approach to robotics and mechatronics education. With the guidance of the teachers, the workshop has gained an organic structure where products can emerge from, and be filtered according to, observations, experiments and validation.