Eureka Research Lab

In addition to Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Science & Technology Laboratories in our schools, it is a flexible learning environment designed according to the needs of our students who want to conduct advanced scientific research, experiments and projects. It aims to prepare our students fully equipped for national or international competitions, conferences and tournaments by supporting their lasting learning, analytical thinking and interpretation skills. Our students follow the scientific process steps in this laboratory throughout the year and complete the scientific research paper with the data they obtain.

EUREKA Research Lab is also the laboratory where sets of high level courses such as Advanced Placement (AP) Physics, Biology and Chemistry are prepared and sometimes applied with in a small group of students. Our experimental sets and devices enable the establishment of official laboratories required by the IBDP or AP curriculum. Our Lab have been transformed into a modern structure at the beginning of 2019-20 academic year by support of Tekfen Foundation. EUREKA Research Lab is now ready to use for our High School and Middle School students whom we believe will design our future.