Innovation in Education

Our vision; change, transformation, technology and innovation.

Innovation in education is established as a creative platform that encompasses the opportunities and learning environments offered to students as part of technology and creativity initiatives, as well as all the efforts undertaken in this context under a single roof at Hisar School.

Technology and innovation are innate qualities of education at Hisar School. Our objective is to enable our students to graduate as effective and productive individuals who have the knowledge and skills that help them easily adapt to the rapidly evolving technology and who develop innovative solutions with different perspectives to the problems they face. We aim to help our students acquire the skills of Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration, Research and Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Algorithmic Thinking and Programming, Digital Citizenship and Awareness, Design and Production, Entrepreneurship and Innovation as required by the digital age we are in.

In the school ecosystem, exchange and transformation of curricula, methods and learning environments are promoted in order to ensure that our students are part of the learning environment and the real owners of their learning. Accordingly, it is essential to encourage their participation in local and international projects, contests and events that will help them gain new perspectives and experiences.

STEAM Education Module

In addition to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) model, Hisar School also adopt the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) model, believing that art and design should be integrated with STEM for the acquisition of these skills in an interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary environment.

As part of the STE(A)M model developed for Hisar School, Hisar students carry out STE(A)M studies to explore, develop and make meaningful contributions to the world through critical thinking and effective cooperation, as stated in our mission. Driven by the academic knowledge and skills acquired in experimental and observational courses, students internalize the engineering processes during in-class and extra-curricular activities and aim to develop solutions to the problems they have identified. Hisar students, who prepare for future professions yet to be named, firmly advance on the path to become Turkey’s and the world's Innovation Leaders, thanks to the alignment of STE(A)M achievements with the requirements of Hisar School.

For detailed information on STEM and STE(A)M models: European SchoolnetScientixStem Education Coalition.


STEAM Courses

We aim to help our students acquire the knowledge and skills within the STEAM framework and raise individuals who closely monitor technological advancements, improve themselves and keep creating throughout their lives. Read more...


Innovative Clubs

With the clubs based on the STEAM approach, we do not only offer a suitable environment where our students can hone their skills to dream, design, and create but also enable them to take part in national and international competitions. Read more...


Events and Projects

In addition to the curriculum we follow and the courses we offer, we support our students' development in diverse areas by taking part in various national and international activities and projects.