Advanced Placement (AP) Program

AP program is implemented by the College Board. In addition to the USA, it is implemented and recognized in more than 60 countries. The program provides high school students with the opportunity to have college level courses and to be exempt from them in certain colleges later on.

In addition to Ministry of National Education curriculum, our students are supported by AP program in order to be successful in AP tests. 

The AP Program opens the way to universities abroad

Advance Placement (AP) is a program implemented first in USA, and then applied all over the world. The AP program is recognized and implemented in more than 60 countries, and provides an opportunity for students to take university level courses while they are still at high school, and be exempt from these courses as they go into higher education. Taking the AP program and AP courses is a big advantage for our students as it accelerates acceptance to universities. These courses are an indicator that these students are better prepared for a university education than those who have not taken any AP courses. These students have taken and passed some courses at university level while they were in high school. In Hisar School, AP courses are selected by taking into consideration students’ needs and desires.

2020 - 2021 Academic Year AP test results released by the College Board are announced;

  • Our students took 366 tests from 21 different courses.

  • In 145 of these tests, %39,6 of our students scored 5 which is the highest grade; in 248 of the tests, %67,7 of the students scored 4 and 5.

Hisar School ranks first in variety of courses among schools in Turkey that support its students with higher level classes directed towards AP exams.

AP Exam Registrations

For detailed information about AP exams and exam registrations, you can visit the relevant page via the link below.




AP Courses at Hisar School

Core Courses Elective Courses
AP English Literature & Composition AP Physics C: Mechanics AP Statistics
AP English Language & Composition AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism AP Computer Science A
AP Calculus AB AP Microeconomics AP Computer Science Principles
AP Calculus BC AP Macroeconomics AP Psychology
AP Physics 1 AP European History AP Spanish
AP Chemistry AP Human Geography AP Studio Art Drawing 2D
AP Biology AP Comparative Government & Politics

Hisar Students AP Data for the Last 3 Years
(11th & 12th Grade Students)  

2020 Hisar AP Mean Score Avaerages