Hisar School Library department maintains its efforts and goals in compliance with vision, mission, and characteristic values of our school. The department supports all learning activities in our school and works towards helping our students to gain the habit of reading, learning and investigation and to develop their proficiency in these areas. In addition to its efforts to supply our school with the resources to perform learning activities, it also supports the intellectual development of all individuals.

The Hisar Schools Library department consists of 6 people who manage the Primary School, Middle School, and High School libraries. Our libraries host over 50,000 resources. Additionally, the online resources (i.e. e-books, online database subscriptions, online film archive, etc.) are constantly updated and renewed to ensure that users can reach true and reliable information faster. This method also provides an alternative access to the resources. The Hisar Schools Library department conforms to international standards for its operations and organization of its resources. All members of the Hisar Family can reach a list of the library's collection and its online library services on a 24/7 basis, even if they are not on campus.

The Use of Library Resources During The Distance Learning Period

The Hisar Schools Library department has been maintaining its efforts without interruption since the very beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic to support the distance learning process carried out by our school and to provide each member of the Hisar Schools community with the resources they need. The department also extends its support to our students regarding their on-going learning processes such as project preparations.

In this challenging period we go through, online resources become more important and necessary than before. The Hisar Schools Library department enables access to certain international databases, e-book and periodical platforms to fulfill the needs in this respect, as well. You may access these online services via following links.

Library Catalogue

You can access our Library Catalog from the link and search for resources.



Useful E-Sources

You can access useful resources compiled from both local and foreign institutions and organizations made available online via the links below:
Turkish Resources
English Resources

Useful Links

You can find useful links here.



Library Rules

You can reach the Library Rules here

Library Working Hours

Hisar School Libraries working hours are arranged as follows:
Monday-Thursday: 08:00-16:15
Frida: 08:00-14.45
Closed on weekends.

Contact Information

Tel: Primary School 0212 364 00 00 (186)/ High School 0212 364 00 00 (386-388)