Information Strategies Center


At Information Strategies Center, we maintain our efforts to ensure that the information and communication technologies function as a natural part of the educational process.

Our primary goal is to identify informatics strategies to support learning environments, and to structure within K12 integrity a sustainable, manageable and dynamic ecosystem that can rapidly adapt to changing conditions and needs.

In order to reach our goals, we believe it is important to follow the international standards and cooperate with leading individuals and organizations, make actionable plans with a focus on learning and results, and reflect the input gathered from all shareholders in those plans.  

The latest developments show that our students can access basic knowledge, handle activities, and complete the preliminary preparation process without physically attending any classes, thanks to the online systems we offer through our School’s enhanced data processing infrastructure based on our teaching philosophy.

On the other hand; while we continue to develop flexible, inclusive, supportive, and innovative digital solutions, there is also an evident necessity for designing the teacher-student relationship in an interactive and social environment.  With the launch of Informatics Strategies Center, it will be possible to structure and manage the ongoing digital transformation processes and the necessary ecosystem with an integrated approach and use the resources under a sustainable system.

Blended & Distance Education

As the Covid-19 pandemic impacted all aspects of our lives, it also led to a big transformation in schools, prompting educational institutions around the world to adopt a new educational design that is in line with the paradigms of the 21st century.  The current situation requires education to be planned and implemented with a multi-channel approach. Hence, in the framework of its mission and principles, Hisar Schools have prioritized models that allow for a flexible and communication-based structure that can be adjusted to all kinds of changes and challenging conditions without any compromise to the scientific approaches. In accordance with... Read more...

Educational Technology

Hisar School believes that technology provides unique opportunities and experiences when it is used effectively in the entire school community. In this context, school carried out the BYOD since 2012 and 1: 1 iPad project to share knowledge and experiences on various platforms. When technology is configured to provide support for educational programs, students will gain appropriate 21st Century skills and it will support them in building their skills. Technology will provide opportunities for continuous and dynamic communication among teachers, students and parents. Our school technology infrastructure has been configured... Read more...