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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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HisarPlus is established as a creative platform that encompasses the opportunities and learning environments offered to students as part of technology, creativity and innovation initiatives, as well as all the efforts undertaken in this context under a single roof at Hisar School. Now the name of the HisarPlus changed into INNOVATION with the same context.

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Hisar School Technology & Innovation Fund was prepared for the first time in October 2018 in order to introduce the projects and activities to be carried out in the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

This document is continually revised by adding new projects, reviewing and improving the functions, technical specifications, infrastructure, equipment, material requirements and budgets of existing projects.

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With its changing structure over the years, our Mechatronics Laboratory was established, where not only engineering courses but also many science-based experimental studies were conducted. With the contributions of our benefactors Erhan ÖNER and TAKİ family, Mechatronics Laboratory officially started its activities in the second term of the 2019-2020 Academic Year. We are happy that our students will continue their education in improved environments.

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Hisar’s utmost priority is to prepare its students for their future careers and by doing so, to develop and enhance their creative and inspiring thinking and problem solving skills. To serve this purpose, the Center makes way to facilitate collaborations and joint initiatives between Hisar School and the business world, universities, incubation centers, the cultural sector and the society as well as community entrepreneurs to connect our students, Hisar’s idea-preneurs, so they gain an entrepreneurial viewpoint in their future endeavors.

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Hisar Technology and Innovation Advisory Committee provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the success of the Hisar School, make a positive impact on education worldwide and expand their network and meet people with similar interests.

Periodical visits were made to Microsoft , QNB, AROMSA and EMTEST in the past academic year with students ,teachers and members of Hisar Technology and Innovation Advisory Committee. These productive visits were made to discuss how to collaborate with Hisar School and contribute to the learning environment of students.


As for our collaborations with the professional business world, our high school students completed the “Idea Camp” and “Data Science” projects they have carried out with QNB FİNANSBANK. The projects, which started in October 2019 and continued regularly every week, were completed last week with our students making their presentations to the QNB management team.

With this program, our students completed the process with very valuable gains such as mobile application development, design-oriented thinking, data analysis and interpretation, and making presentations within the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

As part of the Idea Camp project, our students working on an application called POKIT to manage the
financial lives of young people presented their mobile application projects to the senior bank
management. Likewise, our students working on data analysis within the scope of the Data Science
project completed the process by working on a system that would develop meaningful results and warnings with machine learning on ADSL invoices and made their presentations.

Microsoft Turkey Office

Visited by a group of Hisar students and teachers, discussions were held regarding possible future joint projects and innovative ideas and utilizing technology at Hisar through Microsoft guidance. Microsoft Turkey continued to support us in our teacher training. We have been using Minecraft for more than 5 years and for the last 3 years as Minecraft EDU, which has become much easier to use after Microsoft bought it. With the Microsoft A3 agreement, we purchased the licenses and made them available to all our students. We continue to develop projects with Minecraft and our Computer Education Department is working to increase the use of Minecraft in lessons. 3 teams are preparing for the Global Challenge, which will be held this year, and we are positive that very creative work will come out of this challenge.

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The book “Artificial Intelligence for a Better World” written by Onur KOÇ , member of our Technology and Innovation Advisory Committee , was donated to our 9th grade students. Our teachers made use of the book as a source for a period of one month within the scope of the Computer Science curriculum. We invited Mr. Onur Koç to our school and organized a Reader-Writer meeting. 120 students and our teachers enjoyed a very useful meet and chat with the author.

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Organized for students and Hisar community including alumni, parents and the Board of Trustees, STEAM Day activities proved to have raised significant awareness on current issues regarding technology, its effect on the environment and consequently our roles in this process. As part of STEAM Day, EU STEM Ambassador and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Integrated Research Hans Van der Loo made the opening speech and addressed Hisar academia, students and guests about the environment and the future. And in an afternoon session, Prof. Dr. Çelik Kurtoğlu, Advisory Committee on Technology and Innovation Policy Chair, moderated a panel with guests Hans Van der Loo, Faruk Eczacıbaşı and Onur Koç.

Following the success of Hisar Steam Day events plans are in place to hold an annual symposium.