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Technical Infrastructure

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The technical infrastructure of Hisar School is structured to provide its users with an infrastructure that supports all learning activities and learning environments that take place at school or outside of school, and allows learning to continue independently of time and place. With 1 GB symmetrical internet connection, 2 300 MB symmetric backup lines and Cisco network infrastructure, With its 1 GB symmetrical internet connection, 2 300 MB symmetric backup lines and Cisco network infrastructure, Hisar School allows its users to use systems such as Google Workspace, MS Teams, Cisco WebEx, consisting of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco products. Digital tools and platforms that are used to support face-to-face and online/synchronous and asynchronous studies and that differ according to the needs of class levels and branches have been integrated into our technical infrastructure and education system.

The website destek.hisarschool.k12.tr was opened by the Hisar School Information Strategies Center in order to support our students, teachers and parents during the Covid-19 process. This support continues through portals opened for our students and teachers. In addition, by answering specific questions and problems through the address of destek@hisarschool.k12.tr, support is provided for the uninterrupted continuation of the education process.


Accessible Cloud Systems

Google Workspace services are used for file and email access by students and teachers. Every student and teacher has unlimited email and file space. Students and teachers can easily communicate, access resources, submit assignments and projects using the Google Workspace platform.

LMS: Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems provide teachers with an online system to create content, present content to students, track student participation and evaluate student performance. Hisar School uses Google Workspace: Google Classroom as a content management system at preschool, primary, secondary and high school levels, so that course materials and contents are shared with students on a regular basis.

MacBook Computers

MacBook computers, which are replaced every 4 years, are used for all teachers at Hisar School.

Video Conferencing Systems

The video conferencing method is a powerful and effective tool to keep in touch with students and continue the academic process in any situation. Hisar School uses Google Workspace: Google Meet for online courses in the K12 level distance education process. In addition, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex are included in the technical infrastructure of the school as other video conferencing programs that can be used when necessary.

Smart Board Systems

Promethean Titanium ActiveBoard 75″ or 86″ Touch board system is available in all classrooms.

Camera Systems

​​All classrooms are equipped with Promethean Titanium ActiveBoard 75” or 86” Touchscreen Smart Board systems in the integrity of Pre-K12 and camera systems that allow broadcasting from classrooms. In addition to the standard camera systems in all classrooms, Mix Type Camera Systems were installed in some classrooms and workshops. These cameras can switch between different predetermined points in the classroom as well as have a zoom in-out feature.

Wacom Tablets

Wacom tablets, which make all the programs, documents and presentations written, drawing and touchable on the computer with ease of use, are available for all teachers.

Lightroom Video Shooting Area

It is possible to prepare lecture videos as well as live broadcast from the classroom via in-class camera, audio and video recording systems. In order to prepare professional videos, LightBoard Studio was established as a separate recording room with special lighting, LightBoard and two-way camera system.