Hisar School was founded in 1996 by the Hisar Educational Foundation to maintain the mission of raising the academic standards in Turkey. Hisar School blends the curriculum of the 21st century with an innovative and progressive learning, while seeking to help students “explore and unlock their true potential”. Boasting over two decades of experience in education with academic programs at Preschool, Primary School, Middle School and High School levels (K-12), Hisar School adopts a flexible teaching approach for continuous development, opens new technology and learning centers each year, partners with international institutions, and works with well-equipped academic and administrative staff. These all make Hisar School a leading educational institution with more than 1,400 students in Turkey.

Feyyaz Berker;

The valuable founder and honorary president of our School, Feyyaz Berker was among the prominent names of the Turkish business world in addition to his capacity as an opinion leader who initiated a series of cultural and social responsibility activities. Berker believed that he needed to contribute to the advancement of the private sector, solutions towards the issues Turkey faced, and development of society. Thus, he actively participated in the social development movement, primarily education, throughout his life.  

Berker took on an active role at the Hisar Educational Foundation, Robert College’s Board of Trustees, Boğaziçi University’s Advisory Board, Stanford Research Institute, and Turkish Education Volunteers’ Foundation so as to contribute significantly, both in a material and immaterial manner, to the development of several buildings and facilities aimed at education. It was Berker who took the lead in establishing Hisar School within Hisar Educational Foundation, where he was the Chairperson between 1987 and 2006, with the goal of “founding an exemplary structure for the Turkish education system”. Hisar School was the fruit of Berker’s long-lasting love and efforts for education. He expressed his pleasure for supporting education as “being as joyous as a child” in his speech at the inauguration ceremony of Hisar School in 1996. In his opening remarks, Berker said that the school would “raise children as productive, responsibility-taking and sharing individuals”. His aim was to create a model school to teach free minds, while disseminating an education philosophy free from mere memorization -- a philosophy that teaches how to learn.

At Hisar School, we continue to work towards and build on Berker’s vision and ideals, which constitute the founding pillars of our school.