Our preschool program is designed by taking a child’s development into consideration along with an integrated approach. Hisar Preschool provides an eligible education program based on efficient learning techniques and aims to develop 21st century skills.

Daily lesson plan aim to encourage students to think, question, take initiative, realize their plans and evaluate the process. Our Preschool Department is a qualified education institution which takes physical condition and order, developmental stages of children and individual differences into consideration. Besides it gives importance to consistent daily program, positive teacher-child approach, family involvement and program evaluation.

Having an ideal teacher-children ratio in our learning areas creates an opportunity for children to be in effective communication and in that way initiatives of the children are well-supported. So that, children can trust their future in addition to being able to determine their aims, decide and solve problems after having positive interaction with their teachers.

Our experienced teachers that are competent in their fields are always in a teacher development process supported by national and foreign centered long-term trainings. In that way our teachers not only develop their teaching skills but also improve the teaching program. Through both daily team work and horizontal and vertical interdisciplinary academic studies, our teachers provide consistency both in implementing the education program and reaching out for each and every child. As the teachers reflect the support and trust they feel towards each other to the interaction between them and the students, it allows children to take their first steps in their journey of education feeling positive.

Sibel Yalkın
Preschool Principal

Hisar Preschool Education

High/Scope Education Model is an approach that embraces the developmental philosophy that contemporary education requires and takes into consideration the socio-cognitive needs a child has covering a period starting from preschool till grade 3. In our education program each activity offers opportunities for children to acquire aimed skills by providing a rich environment. Teachers provide children with variety of materials and appropriate physical condition in High/Scope education model. Individually they are in interaction with the kids as a... Read more...