Middle School


We aim to discover true potential of each and every student of ours with integrity of our mission and K-12 by directing our students to both national/international projects and academic, socio-cultural and sports activities. As a result we hope to encourage our students to think critically, have effective collaboration with the world by presenting significant contribution.

Our Middle School program aims to give an education through a rich curriculum which is planned by our strong staff in addition to the curriculum of The Ministry of Education. Our program provides the students with an opportunity to express themselves well, make them think not to memorize, to set their goals under the light of Ataturk’s principles and revolutions. Learning to learn and with love are among our main objectives.

We try our best to reveal our students’ interests and skills by providing them with platforms where they can express themselves right and well through sports, science, culture and arts. It is again among our aims to provide opportunities for our students to learn about themselves better and raise their awareness in their way to reach their targets by using technology, knowledge and skills effectively and significantly.

We give importance to provide effective learning experiences, developing their problem-solving abilities by transferring the information and permanent learning. Equipment in our classrooms, the library, music and visual arts studios, technology design studio, idea and science labs are keys for our effective learning environment.

We take individual differences of our students as valuable clues in those years when communication is more important and their personalities are formed. At every opportunity, we provide settings where differences are accepted and respect to those differences is encouraged. We do our best to develop knowledge, skills and personalities of our students through community service, social responsibility projects, student’s union process and activities, international conferences, structured club activities for several interest areas. Since values are important as academic achievement to become successful and happy individuals in the future, Hisar Schools care about contributing to students’ high moral values and having strong personalities, developing sense of responsibility and the ability of questioning.

We pay attention to providing opportunities for our students to care about global issues, presenting chances to let them be involved in the world surrounds them, having communication with different cultures and to improve many languages fluently to understand different cultures. Competence and performance in both languages, Turkish and English, is one of our primary aims. In addition to intense English program, our students are provided with Spanish, French or German courses to begin second foreign language learning in middle school years.

Middle School years are a period when students start moving from being children to teenagers and experience adolescence period intensively. Our psychological counseling and guidance department help our students to go easily through the change which they are going to have in this period just as they do while passing from primary to middle and middle to high school years. Through individual and group works, we monitor socio-emotional development and studies supporting learning skills of the students in detail. We care about a healthy communication among administration, psychological counseling and guidance department, the teachers, the parents and the students.

We wish a year full of energy and achievements.

Betül Gökkaya
Middle School Principal

Hisar Middle School Education

In Middle School, a modern curriculum is followed, which sees learning as a whole not only with the result but also with the process, with our experienced staff from all branches. In the measurement tools prepared to determine the success of the student; emphasis is placed not only on the measurement of knowledge, but also on the criteria at the level of comprehension, self-expression, interpretation, application, analysis-synthesis and evaluation. With our modern assessment and evaluation system, it is determined not how much the student learns the information, but what he learns and what he cannot learn. In cases where learning does not take place, the reasons for this are examined. Read more...