Visual Arts

Our experienced Visual Arts staff supports and encourages our students to discover their abilities, try new mediums and methods, and expand their horizons. The Visual Arts studies are conducted in separate art studios that are available for each school unit. At Hisar School we aim to raise creative students who can take advantage of an interdisciplinary interaction when working in the field of art and are able to transform their ideas into original products. Upon considering our strong physical infrastructure, the original colors and patterns decorating our school's walls, the series of exhibitions held in our Cultural Center, the national and international achievements and awards our students have won in the fields of art and design, we can say these are all the consequences of an entire process.

Hisar Series Group Exhibition

Our exhibition events, which we started 15 years ago to appreciate our students' individual interests and performances, still continue on an annual basis at Preschool, Primary School, Middle School and High School levels.

In these exhibitions that comprise works of photography, lego, oil color, acrylic paint, graphic design, charcoal drawing, plaster relief and sculpture, students are provided with the opportunity to share and discuss their works with their friends and visitors.

At the school's Art Gallery in our Cultural Center (KSM), we host a total of seven exhibitions throughout the year with the participation of students from different levels.

We would recommend you to watch a short video of "The Remains of The Day" student exhibition that was first held in our Culture Center in December 2020.