Art at Hisar

In line with aim of revealing and developing the potential in our students, all branches of art have been given importance since the establishment of our school. Being aware of the role of art in the personal and academic development of our students, we create spaces suitable for artistic activities on our campus. Our students' achievements in the field of art are valued at least as much as their academic achievements.

In addition to professional artists, the performances of our students in different fields such as shows, dance, music, musical and theater are staged at Hisar School Cultural Center. The works of both professional artists and Hisar students are exhibited in the exhibition hall in our center throughout the year.

Our B-Yüzü school orchestra which has won many awards at the world-famous San-Remo music competition many times, our musicals that fill our hall with guests three nights in a row, our theater plays, our student winning in international visual arts competitions, as well as their university admissions to world famous arts colleges and scholarship offersed are few of the manifestations of Hisar School's dedication to art oriented education.; is a virtual exhibition that reflects students' perspectives on art, creativity, imagination, enthusiasm and energetic ideas, including the work done in online visual arts classes.

You can review the works produced by our students from pre-school to high school on this website. will continue to enrich and grow in order to support the development of our students in many art branches.



Music; as one of the indispensable elements of life in Hisar, it has an important place in both academic studies and extracurricular activities.


Performing Arts
Our students benefit from creative drama and theater in the way of learning, teaching, communicating, helping each other and developing many other skills. Read more...


Visual Arts

We aim to students who can evaluate visual arts studies and interdisciplinary interaction succesfuly in the art environment.