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Sport at Hisar

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At Hisar School we act with the awareness that doing sports has an important role to play in our students’ healthy personality and physical development. Young individuals who regularly participate in sports activities will develop sportsmanship, experience the “fair play” spirit and learn to respect both their opponents and themselves, enhancing their fighting spirit through determination and courage.

From this point of view, the Physical Education lessons taught at our School, our school teams, and Hisar Sports Club teams are all directed at helping our students to form habits of an active lifestyle that they will be able to maintain throughout their whole lives. By making sports a part of their lives, our students internalize competition and learn to use their time well and efficiently by taking responsibility for themselves. Sports, as a discipline, will also improve other skills such as leadership and being a good team player.

Hisar School Sports Center

 is designed to ensure that our students can experience different branches of sports and features indoor basketball, volleyball and handball courts with 720 seating capacity, gymnastics, ballet and dance studios, a fitness center, a table tennis room, a squash court, and a martial arts hall.

Physical Education Program

Our Physical Education learning program is prepared within the frame of the MEB’s (Ministry of National Education) curriculum while keeping in mind the individual needs and differences of our students. Different and original branches of sports are added to the program for our students to experience. By taking their individual differences into account, we aim to help our students to gain and maintain a lifelong habit of doing sports on a regular basis upon choosing a branch that best suits them. Based on the level of classes, the program is applied:

  • For 1 hour per week at Preschool,

  • For 2 hours per week at Primary School,

  • For 2 hours per week at Middle School (block scheduling),

  • For 2 hours per week at High School (block scheduling).

At Middle School and High School levels, boys and girls are divided into two separate classes because of their physical differences. The classes are taught within the same hours, at 4 different physical areas and for 4 different branches on a rotating basis. Students exercise for 4 different branches every 8 weeks. Throughout the year, we hold school tournaments between classes at 4-week intervals on predetermined dates. At the High School level, the elective football, basketball, volleyball, dance, fitness, squash & table tennis and badminton courses are offered for 2 hours per week (block scheduling) in order to increase the students’ competence at branch levels.

On Campus and Off Campus Activities
Each year, in the last week of the first term, we hold the “Hisar School Sports and Friendship Festival” which lasts for 3 days with the participation of 12-14 private and state schools. During these 3 days, 700-800 students take part in the activities. Students’ Unions take an active role in organizing the festival and make necessary collaboration. We ensure participation of our school teams in the special and official sports competitions starting from October. Hisar Schools’ teams participate in 130-140 off-campus competitions.

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The following facilities allow our students to pursue the choice of their favorite support in safe and healthy setting.

  • Outdoor soccer field with artificial lawn (35m x 55m)
  • Indoor soccer field with artificial lawn (16m x 32m)
  • Outdoor playing field with artificial lawn (12m x 12m)
  • Tennis court (16m x 30m)
  • 3 multi-purpose indoor rooms (12m x 20m), (12m x 17m), (30,2m x 34,2m)
  • Table tennis room (7m x 7m)
  • Wrestling and martial arts room (7m x 7m)
  • Dance studio with parquet flooring (9,90m x 6,8m)
  • Gymnastics studio with parquet flooring (22m x 7,1m)
  • Squash court (9,8m x 6.1m)
  • Fitness room (9,8m x 6,1m)

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    School Teams

    In Hisar, we have volleyball, football, basketball, futsal, handball, table tennis, gymnastics and dance teams consisting of both male and female students, divided into level-based categories according to age groups.
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    Hisar School Sports Club

    Hisar Sports Club, was founded as per our school’s mission in 2008 to provide many more opportunities to our athletic students and raise multi-faceted, well-disciplined athlete-students who are equipped with the values of sportsmanship.
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    Thanks to their disciplined and hard work, our school teams have gained experience and won important awards in many branches at the national tournaments and competitions held in Istanbul and Turkey.
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